Humanize the Earth

The book Humanize the Earth is composed of three writings in poetic prose: The Inner Look, The Internal Landscape and The Human Landscape, which are three moments placed in a sequence that spans from the most profound interiority, from the world of dreams and symbols, to the external and human landscapes. They represent a sliding of the point of view that starting from the most intimate and personal concludes in an opening to the interpersonal, social and historical worlds.

«Humanize the Earth» in Several Languages
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Catalan Humanitzar La Terra 353 KB October 23 2017 12:17 application/pdf
Dutch De Aarde Vermenselijken 246 KB January 04 2012 22:16 application/pdf
English Humanize The Earth 335 KB January 04 2012 22:14 text/rtf
Finnish Inhimillistä Maa 139 KB January 04 2012 22:18 text/rtf
German Die Erde menschlich machen 312 KB October 20 2012 18:21 application/pdf
Hebrew להאניש את העולם 491 KB November 26 2015 14:23 application/pdf
Italian Umanizzare la terra 215 KB January 0