Day of Testimony-Inauguration of Los Manantiales Park

Los Manantiales, Santiago, Chile, May 6, 2006

Silo on the 6th of May, 2006, in Los Manantiales

The Los Manantiales Park (near Santiago, Chile) was inaugurated on May 6th, 2006. The occasion is also remembered as the Day of Testimony.

«Day of Testimony-Inauguration of Los Manantiales Park» video
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English Discurso de Silo Subtitled 117 MB video/mpeg 00:11:43 352x240
German Einweihung Park Manantiales 114 MB video/mp4 00:11:44 620x494
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Spanish Discurso de Silo 119 MB video/mpeg 00:11:43 352x240
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Spanish Inauguración Parque Manantiales 41.5 MB video/x-msvideo 00:10:43 640x480
Spanish Inauguración Parque Manantiales 6.27 MB video/x-msvideo 00:10:42 320x240
Spanish Inauguración Parque Manantiales 109 MB video/mpeg 00:10:43 352x240
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Spanish Discurso de Silo 2.82 MB video/x-ms-wma 00:12:02
«Day of Testimony-Inauguration of Los Manantiales Park» in Several Languages
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Spanish Palabras de Silo: Inauguración del Parque Los Manantiales 21.5 KB application/msword
Russian Слова Сило – Открытие Зала Послания в Манантиалесе 17.1 KB text/rtf
Finnish Silon sanat Los Manantialesin puiston vihkimistilaisuudessa 6.48 KB text/rtf
Italian Parole di Silo all'Inaugurazioni Parqui Los Manantiales 23 KB application/msword
Portuguese (Brazil) Palavras de Silo 47.4 KB text/rtf
Dutch Woorden van Silo: Inwijding van de Chileense Zaal in Los Manantiales 23.5 KB application/msword
German Ansprache von Silo: Einweihung des chilenischen Saal in Las Manantiales 12.9 KB text/rtf
French Paroles de Silo: Inauguration du Parc Los Manantiales 23 KB application/msword
English Silo's words at the Inauguration of the Los Manantiales Park 26.5 KB application/msword
Hungarian Kedves Barátok 26.5 KB application/msword
Catalan Paraules de Silo amb motiu de la inauguració 42.3 KB text/rtf