Letters to My Friends

This is a collection of ten open letters expressing Silo's sociopolitical philosophy in a form that is both a critique and a proposal for change — it has provoked a wide spectrum of sometimes conflicting opinions.

«Letters to My Friends» in Several Languages
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Catalan Cartes als meus amics 462 KB May 24 2013 21:46 text/rtf
Dutch Brieven aan Mijn Vrienden 427 KB January 04 2012 23:50 application/pdf
English Letters to My Friends 399 KB January 04 2012 23:51 text/rtf
Finnish Kirjeitä Ystävilleni 326 KB January 04 2012 23:52 text/rtf
French Lettres à mes amis 757 KB January 04 2012 23:52 text/rtf
German Briefe an meine Freunde 282 KB March 08 2014 16:31 text/rtf
Italian Lettere ai miei amici 337 KB January 04 2012 23:53 text/rtf
Russian Письма моим друзьям 1000 KB January 04 2012 23:53 text/rtf
Spanish Cartas a Mis Amigos 324 KB January 04 2012 23:48 text/rtf
First Letter to My Friends
  • The Present Situation
  • The Alternative of a Better World
  • Social Evolution
  • Future Experiments
  • Change and Relationships Among People
  • A Tale for Aspiring Executives
  • Human Change
Second Letter to My Friends
  • Some Positions Regarding the Present Process of Change
  • Individualism, Social Fragmentation and the Concentration of Power in a Few
  • Characteristics of the Crisis
  • Positive Factors of Change
Third Letter to My Friends
  • Change and Crisis
  • Disorientation
  • Crisis in the Life of Each Person
  • The Need to Give Direction to One's Life
  • Direction in Life and Changing One's Situation
  • Coherent Behavior
  • The Two Proposals: Coheren