About this site

This site (silo.net), contains the original text of Silo's works as well as faithful translations into different languages.

In the measure that these materials circulate, they are subjected to all kinds of mutilations, additions and distortions. This is why it is important to permanently guarantee the authenticity of the texts. This site is not meant to serve purposes of dissemination nor of interchange on a large scale.

The Spanish texts accompanying the Milestones section are those given to this site's maintainers by the author. There can be occasional small differences between what Silo wrote originally as the text of his discourse and what he expressed while delivering it, perhaps taking advantage of the characteristics of the moment or a particular inspiration. The translations of these texts, therefore, follow the written word while the subtitles follow the spoken word.

Silo is the pseudonym of Mario Luis Rodríguez Cobos. He was born in 1938 near Mendoza, located between Argentina and Chile.

His writings have been translated into numerous languages and have been published as Collected Works in two volumes.